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Maher Ziya Hussein

Heritage Steel 5ply Stainless Rondeau with Lid 6 Qt.

Heritage Steel 5ply Stainless Rondeau with Lid 6 Qt.

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If you have a large family, the Heritage Steel 5-Ply Stainless 6 Quart Rondeau with Lid is the pan you need. Great for braising, stewing, and slow cooking, it will help you prepare stews, roasts, soups, chili, chicken, or even a small turkey. This is the only type of cookware you’ll need (or want!) to buy. The 5-ply construction is used throughout, not just on the bottom, so your food will cook evenly and efficiently with less chance of burning. Heritage Steel cookware does not affect the taste, is oven safe at high temperatures, is scratch and dent resistant, heats evenly, and is induction ready. Two short side handles make lifting easy. Designed to fit your hand, it makes cooking easier and more comfortable. Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA. Product code: HSC-14306.

Heritage Steel Cookware

Multi-clad stainless steel is very highly regarded for its properties as a cooking material. Hammer Stahl’s 5-ply construction makes no compromises in design or materials, creating a best-in-class multi-clad product. No other type of cookware can offer all the benefits that come from using this type of cookware, and that is why it’s the only type of cookware that Hammer Stahl produces. It’s the only type of cookware you’ll need to buy. Hammer Stahl is proud to have a legacy of producing cookware in the United States since 1874.

About Hammer Stahl

Hammer Stahl is a premier brand of New Era, Inc, which is one of the oldest manufacturers of cookware in North America. As a family-owned business, Hammer Stahl is focused on building happy and healthy households through good food. They believe cooking at home is a wonderful value that brings families together. Their cookware helps to produce five-star restaurant quality food in your home. Hammer Stahl products include 5-ply Heritage Steel Cookware and German steel cutlery, and a full assortment of stainless steel bakeware and accessories. Its mission is to provide customers with exceptional quality cookware for fantastic meals. Hammer Stahl’s long history and experienced employees make their products a trusted brand for fantastic cookware.

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