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Maher Ziya Hussein

Kaytee My First Home 2level Pet Habitat, 48 X 24

Kaytee My First Home 2level Pet Habitat, 48 X 24

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Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat, 48 X 24
  • Color: Blue
    Brand: Kaytee
    Color: Blue
    Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 24 x 24 inches
    Material: Plastic
    Item Weight: 1 Pounds
Give your rabbit or guinea pig pals plenty of room to roam with Kaytee鈥檚 My First Home Giant Pet Habitat, which measures 48″ x 24″鈥攁 full eight square feet of space! This pet home comes with a two-piece base system, a cage with top and front access, visibility and ventilation, plus six casters for easy mobility and accessories. The accessories include solid surface comfort shelves for resting and safety ramps to help promote plenty of exercise. And the base and wired top only require an easy one-time assembly, so your furry friend can enjoy his new home right away!
  • Offers 8-square feet of space鈥攖he perfect size for your rabbit or multiple guinea pigs.
  • The cage has both top and front wire doors for easy access to your pet and his food and water.
  • Features solid surface comfort shelves where your little one can rest.
  • Comes with safety ramps to encourage your pet to move around and exercise.
  • Designed with chew-proof latches and tab locks for extra safety.

Kaytee’s new 48″ x 24″ Rabbit Home with 2-Piece Base provides your pet rabbit with a full 8 square feet of living space! The base and cage wire are packaged in 2 separate pieces which only need to be assembled one time for permanent use. Designed for easy assembly, the patent-pending cage provides pet rabbits with the recommended 8 square feet of living space. The Rabbit Home features front and top access doors, two ramps and shelves and casters for mobility.

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