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Maher Ziya Hussein

Kaytee My First Home MultiLevel Small Animal Habitat

Kaytee My First Home MultiLevel Small Animal Habitat

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Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Small Animal Habitat

Give your furry buddy a comfy and secure place to call home with the Kaytee My First Home Habitat Multi-Level for Small Animals. Your pal will love playing on and climbing up and down the different levels with plenty of room to roam, without any leeway for escapees thanks to the chew-proof latches. Cleaning up is easy since it鈥檚 got a deeper base that prevents litter and bedding from spilling, with a wide front door for easy access. It鈥檚 great for hamsters, gerbils, sugar gliders and others small furry friends. Plus, it includes safety ramps, comfort shelves, and food dish so it鈥檚 a complete starter home for your furbaby.

  • Multi-level home provides plenty of room to play and climb, plus security and comfort for your pal.
  • Chew-proof latches and durable wire for added safety, plus comfort shelves and safety ramps for mobility.
  • Great for gerbils, hamsters, sugar gliders and other small animals.
  • Deep base prevents litter and bedding spills with an easy-access front door for easy cleaning.
  • Wire-base locking system adds a layer of security, and includes a food dish so it鈥檚 great as a starter home.
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