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Maher Ziya Hussein

Mauviel MPassion Copper Beating Bowl with Ring Handle

Mauviel MPassion Copper Beating Bowl with Ring Handle

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The M’passion collection features a wide variety of cookware and chef’s tools for making decadent pastries, chocolates, and other tasty desserts. Products range from copper, stainless steel, and nonstick steel. The M’passion collection satisfies the cravings of all discerning patisserie lovers worldwide.

About Mauviel

Mauviel’s professional copper cookware has gained an impressive reputation among professional and home chefs alike. Founded in 1830, Mauviel followed in the footsteps of copper crafting traditions of the city of Villedieu-les-Po锚les in France, where it was first established. Today, Mauviel crafts cookware, kitchenware, and more from copper, stainless steel, and aluminum, but have kept their status as an industry leader in professional copper cookware. Each piece of cookware is crafted with style and skill to bring performance and pleasure to chefs of all backgrounds.

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