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Maher Ziya Hussein

Theragun EliteBlack AllNew Muscle Treatment Massager Gun

Theragun EliteBlack AllNew Muscle Treatment Massager Gun

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Theragun Elite-Black- All-New Muscle Treatment Massager Gun Theragun elite massager is elegantly designed, lightweight, and fully personalized for your body’s needs. Thanks to its unparalleled power, the elite is your ultimate wellness partner. Now more personalized than ever with our guided App experience to reduce your deep muscle tension, whether it comes from everyday life, work, or workouts.
  • Proprietary brushless motor with QuiteForce Technology
  • Smart percussive therapy with Bluetooth connectivity
  • OLED screen
  • Internal lithium-ion battery (120 minutes)
  • Customizable speed range

Massager Gun

Our powerful deep muscle treatment, in an ultra-quiet smart percussive therapy device with advanced sound insulation and a premium design. The Theragun Elite works deep to melt away tension and release soreness, empowering you to care for your body daily.

The Theragun is the world-leading percussive therapy device used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, athletes, and over 250 professional sports teams worldwide. Developed by Dr. Jason Wersland, every aspect of the Theragun Elite has been thoughtfully designed for maximum ergonomic comfort and unparalleled durability and treatment.

Prepare. Perform. Recover.

Depth, speed, and force are key to any deep muscle treatment, but Theragun massager impacts muscle with a targeted, scientifically calibrated dose for greater therapeutic benefits for the body. All it takes is a quick 30 second sweep to activate the body before a workout or over your shoulders after a long day to release tension and stress.

QX65 Motor with QuietForce Technology

We leveraged advanced sound insulation around the QX65 model of our proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology to create the quietest experience possible. Elite’s motor delivers up to 40 lbs. of additional no-stall force while running quieter than a standard electric toothbrush.

2 Speeds


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