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Maher Ziya Hussein

UNI POSCA Marker Pen

UNI POSCA Marker Pen

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Water-based paint markers can be used on almost any surface

Odorless, completely safe for use by children on porous surfaces permanently, and removable on non-porous surfaces, such as glass medium bullet tips

聽On nearly any surface, water-based paint markers may be used to mark most surfaces without penetration and their exceptional luminosity. POSCA is the reference marker for creative art, creative love, signature, and signature.


  • Color Quantity: 8 colors / 12 colors / 15 colors
  • Package Quantity: 8 colors / 12 colors / 15 colors
  • Writing Point: 0.7mm 0.9-1.3mm 1.8mm-2.5mm


  • 聽1 x聽UNI POSCA Marker Pen
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