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Maher Ziya Hussein

Workman 100 Plus NG Convection Heater

Workman 100 Plus NG Convection Heater

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Ideal for environments where electrical power is not readily available, the Workman 100N Plus delivers highly efficient 100,000 BTUH of heat without the need for electricity. For high performance and maximum portability, you can鈥檛 beat the workman鈥檚 solid, extremely portable design. Weighing only 17 Lb., the Workman 100N Plus is the ultimate portable heating solution. With a proven design, reliable piezo pilot light ignition and easy component access, the Workman 100N plus is easy to operate and maintain.

Unit runs off low gas pressure. Manufactured in North America, the Workman 100N Plus is certified to meet or exceed CSA-Canadian standards. Recognized as a leader in construction heating for more than half a century, L.B. White offers the technical expertise and knowledgeable customer support you can count on for all your construction heating needs.

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